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Re: Not to be alarmist...

  • From: Todd Graham Lewis
  • Date: Wed Apr 09 16:06:15 1997

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Taner Halicioglu wrote:

> Hmm.. I just tried telnetting to [a-e] and [ab]
> (those are what I got back as the MX' for ''), and the ONLY one
> that did't give connection refused was: 
> hmm.. I just tried it again, and it refused me...

That's what we're seeing, too.  We've also been queueing it separately,
trying to be neighborly, but I've been wondering, with the backlog that
must be building worldwide and the amount of time they've been in this
state, if they will come back any time in the distant future.  It would
seem to me that there's a point beyond which, when they come back up,
they're so hammered that they go right back down again.  If that were the
case, then the symptoms would be very similar to those we're seeing right

Then again, maybe they're doing just fine.  My growing would
seem to indicate otherwise.  Maybe someone from AOL would like to dispell
this naive point of view, or, if they are having problems, indicate to the
North American operators (and those on other planets, like Herr Fleming) 
what we can do on our end to help them come back up.

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