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Re: peering points

  • From: Nathan Stratton
  • Date: Tue Apr 01 11:16:46 1997

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Sean Donelan wrote:

> [email protected] (Nathan Stratton) writes:
> >Well I think NAP's is referring to more then just 1 NAP. There are under 20
> >providers connected to say 4 or 5 major NAP's.
> You prodded me into updating my exchange point matrix.  I don't claim its
> perfect, or more up to date than a few minutes ago.  Things change quickly
> in this business.

Well, since you posted this in public I will respond in public.

> Netrail(4006)                           Y                       Y          Y

You need to update your list BAD. We are connected to all but one of your
NAPs listed. We wanted to be at Sprint-NAP 4 months ago, but they did not
have the gigaswitch port, or the physical space for our hardware. Please do
not put information about other provider up without checking it out first.

NAP		Status	Speed			IP		VPI/VCI
Ameritech-NAP	UP	DS3 ATM	1/34
Atlanta-NAP	UP	Full Duplex FDDI
CIX		UP	Half Duplex FDDI		
MAE-East	UP	Half Duplex FDDI
MAE-West	UP	Half Duplex FDDI
PACBell		UP	OC-3 ATM	1/34
PAIX		UP	Switched Ethernet
Sprint-NAP	4/4/97	FDDI

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