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Routing Information guard (was Class "B" forsale )

  • From: Ichiro Mizukoshi
  • Date: Sun Mar 09 22:28:55 1997

Chis's Idea is nice. Routing engineers in ISP sometimes misconfigure their
gear, so bogus route will be announced. Checking the Routing Information
ande sending the warning messages to the ISP, makes the network more stable.

And, let me toss an additional idea to it.  
*) If an allocated addresses does not appear in such table for some period,
asking the aloocated guy to return them.

Ichiro Mizukoshi
e-mail(office):[email protected]
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From: "Chris A. Icide" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Class "B" forsale (fwd) 
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 04:10:54 -0600

> Now I don't even imagine to propose any comprehensive solution for
> this.  However let me toss an idea on the table.  If in fact ARIN does come
> into being as an organization supported and funded by an for the commuity
> of IP users, then those IP users could work in cooperation with ARIN (and the
> other NIC's) to police the usage of IP's.  For example, the NICs could
> maintain a database online that could monitor the current BGP tables.
> If the NIC determines that an unallocated IP block is in use, they could then
> insert a prefix entry into the table, seriously degrading the value of that
> IP block.  This could also be used in a gross way to evaluate usage of
> prefixes, and unauthorized changes to prefixes.
> Again, this is only an idea that I toss on the table, but I do stand by the 
> fact that unless there is a negetive incentive, there are those who will
> do anything that is beneficial to them.
> Chris A. Icide
> Sr. Engineer
> Nap.Net, L.L.C. 

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