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RE: Paul Vixie did not spam you (this is an automated response)

  • From: Ry Jones
  • Date: Thu Mar 06 16:39:45 1997

These are the same guys that the WA state AG shut down for mail fraud. I'm suprised they have the nuts to pop up again; this topic was beat to death on Seattle.General about 5 or 6 months ago.

From: 	Geoff White[SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent: 	Thursday, March 06, 1997 4:14 AM
To: 	[email protected]
Cc: 	Paul Vixie; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: 	Re: Paul Vixie did not spam you (this is an automated response)

On Thu, 6 Mar 1997, Peter Galbavy wrote:

> cc'ed to [email protected] FYI
> Paul Vixie wrote:
> > Today I started receiving a massive number of e-mail bounces and complaints
> > about spam.  I immediately realized that someone had abused the network in my
> > name; sure enough, I shortly received the evidence shown below.  I apologize
> > for this form letter response, but I'm expecting another 10,000 complaints and
> > I do not plan to send personalized replies to each one.
> [Posting from home, since thats where I get [email protected], but posting
> with my work hat on - Reply-To: set to [email protected]]
> Please note that we were hit by the same spammer. The original
> message went out, claiming it was from one of our customers (another
> thread last week) when in actual fact it is from an address block
> assigned the

We have also been hit by the same spammer, he is using
[email protected] as his reply-field (which is one of my
clients) Apparently one of the people at send a message to
on of the spammers "superiors" (I think he just sent the message to the
NOC contact of the host on a reply field that was sent to him :) and
shortly after that, their domain name was showing up in the reply field of
the spam.  I am flushing all mail heading for
[email protected] to /dev/null.  I've done a little research,
aparently the original postings were using a domain...

precipice:{root}67-> whois
Financial Connections, Inc (MONEYWORLD-DOM)
   2508 5th Ave, #104
   Seattle, WA 98121
   Domain Name: MONEYWORLD.COM
   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing
      Williams, Bob  (BW747)  [email protected]
      206 269 0846
   Record last updated on 13-Oct-96.
   Record created on 26-Oct-95.
   Domain servers in listed order:

No answer at the number and apparently non of these DNS machines are
currently on the net... hmm.

This guy  is causing my mail queues to fill up with a ton of bounces and
flames and I don't appreciate it one bit.  The guys at forprofit have some
friends at the FBI, but they say that everytime they try to go after these
guys, the ISPs won't co-operate :)

					Geoff White
					Virtual Sites
					(415)437-4600  fax (415)437-4601

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