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Re: BGP announcements and small providers

  • From: Alex.Bligh
  • Date: Wed Feb 26 04:59:48 1997

> On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Alex.Bligh wrote:
> [...]
> > Swamp /24, or use most of a /18|/19 underutilized, or better use more
> Given current address allocation policies, how are you supposed to go
> about getting a /19 to waste in the first place?

I get my address space from RIPE not Internic so I'm no internic expert,
but I believe having an distinct routing policy was justfication for
a /19|/18 sized block reserved to assign from (I think someone on this list
suggested you have to be at an IXP too). So you just have the /24 registered,
but can announce the larger block. It's (roughly) the same at RIPE.

> table, shrink peer lists, etc., and Paul's solution certainly wins
> in that repect.  

Re the i/f thing, I think all you need to do is make sure on the squid
machine the same o/p i/f is used as i/p i/f for any given connection.
As the i/fs have different IPs this looks to me like some trivial source
routing (as this is the IP address that will appear as the source on the
return packet). (Obviously this doesn't do quite the same as running BGP).

I didn't actually see all of Paul's presentation so he may have a better
solution. So I think his solution or variants thereof win in most respects :-)

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks

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