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Re: and bogus data

  • From: Michael Handler
  • Date: Mon Feb 24 18:19:46 1997

In <[email protected]>,
Eric Germann <[email protected]> wrote:

> In the process of switching ISP's, I sent some updates off to InterNIC last
> friday.  The new SOA's are in place on all root servers except for
>  Mail to [email protected] yields no response
> (who knows, they could be using f.....)

[email protected] ~$ check_soa com. | grep F
F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET has serial number 1997021900

[email protected] is only for updating your data on the master
root servers. The master root has performed the updates, but
F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET hasn't loaded new "COM." data since Wednesday
of last week. (Sorry, Paul).

> So who runs F, and how do I politely ask them to check and see if they
> picked up their updates last Friday.  Contact listed for
> is [email protected]

There currently isn't a designated interface for contacting the root
nameserver operators in case of external problems. Fortunately, it hasn't
been a major problem yet. The default reflex seems to be to send mail
to NANOG, which has worked so far.

It would be nice to have a designated mailing list / web page... 
<URL:> and <[email protected]>.
There could even be <[email protected]> through 
<[email protected]> to reach admins of specific servers.

While I'm on that topic, it would be nice to have a mailing list for
technical issues relating to root nameservers, given that this really
isn't a NANOG topic. If there isn't one yet, I'd be more than happy
to set one up somewhere. (Anyone who suggests edns-operators will be
promptly laughed at.)

Michael Handler <[email protected]>                        Washington, D.C.
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