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On the subject of spam...

  • From: Meg Jahnke
  • Date: Fri Feb 21 22:57:56 1997

Thought this might be of some interest since we've been talking about spam
lately (I personally like the bit about "net cops" :-)
Full headers included for your amusement.

[email protected]

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> From: Product Link <[email protected]>
> Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 19:08:48 PST
> Subject: We Will Send Your Bulk Email
> Status: R
> *If you want to be removed from our mailing list, please respond to this
> email and put "Remove" in the subject line.
> We will send out your bulk E Mail.  Period.  No qualifiers, no conditions,
> no nonsense...and we'll do it at the best prices.
> We are Product Link.  We are a business partner with a marketing 
> company which develops buyers for its clients' products through electronic 
> marketing; primarily broadcast fax.  Together, we have over a hundred clients,
> almost 10% of which are Fortune 500 companies.   We have numerous staff, 
> and have just begun, at client request, to send high volumes of E Mail.
> If you're new to bulk E Mail marketing, as we were a short time ago, I can
> confirm that all the E Mails you've been getting from E Mail software
> companies about how great E Mail marketing is; well, they're true.  However,
> as those of you who have already purchased software and have tried bulk
> E mail know, nothing good ever comes easy.
> Our staff has spent millions of advertising dollars on our clients' behalf;
> everything from commercials on the Superbowl to ads in the New York Times,
> to full page spreads in Scientific American.; not to mention the sending
> of over 1,000,000 marketing faxes a year for major corporations.
> Bulk E mail has been quite an eye opener.
> The Internet, the on line services and ISP providers are full of shrill,
> self appointed "net cops," whose mission in life seems to be dumping on those
> who have the audacity to sell product via E Mail.   I don't wish nor intend
> to debate the issue here, except to say that if you've purchased bulk E Mail
> software (or intend to), you've already found out that when you attempt to
> use it, your ISP provider will shut you down, your E Mail account will be
> bombed, and electronic flames will become a way of life.
> Since we have a low tolerance for allowing small groups of vocal fanatics
> to dictate our business life, we set up our own system to send out Bulk
> E Mail.  This system will be greatly expanded in 30 days or so (we're
> installing more T lines), but we currently have room on our system to send
> out Bulk E Mail for a limited number of companies or individuals other
> than ourselves.
> We'll send out your order, large or small.  We'll do it quickly, and
> we'll do it at a really great price.  You can supply the list, or we'll
> supply the list.  Place an order with us, and we'll give you advice on
> how to set up your E Mail so your on line service won't shut you down, how
> to write your material, and much more.  We will also write your marketing
> material, if you so desire. If you supply a list, we can run it through
> our computer program to sort out all duplicates and bad AOL or CompuServe
> addresses.  If you buy a list from us, we will guarantee that the exact
> number of names you order will go out; if we send a list for you and a
> number of addresses are not delivered, we will send out more E Mails until
> you get delivered exactly what you ordered. We can even tell you how to
> confirm that your list was sent.
> We also have programs that can filter out E Mail "bombs" and other
> irritating toys played with at your expense by people who don't
> have a life.
> When we first began exploring bulk E mail, we contacted numerous firms
> advertising that they would send out bulk E mail.  What we got was
> answering machines, disconnected numbers, and no call backs.  The one firm
> that did contract us would only send limited numbers of E mails for
> us, and then only if we had already sent the list out once and taken off all
> the removes (go figure...if we could send out the list once, what did we
> need them for?).  We finally got so exasperated, we set up our own system.
> And are we glad we did.  Speaking as a marketing man with over 30 years
> experience in major advertising, E Mail marketing will change the face of
> advertising and cost of sale forever.  I do not believe that has ever been
> a vehicle like it in history to allow anyone of any size and any budget to
> advertise and sell their products literally overnight.  We employ 18 people,
> and I guarantee you that when you E Mail us back, you'll get a call.
> Right away.  And the office phone number we give you, will have a live
> person at the other end.
> Following is a price list to give you an idea of the 
> quality of our company.  Please bear in mind that Bulk E Mail is 
> effective in large numbers; i.e., 25,000 and above.
> Price List To Send Bulk E Mail:
> Amount			Cost		Set Up (One Time Fee)
> 25,000			$150.00		$50.00		
> 50,000			$275.00		$50.00
> 75,000			$400.00		$50.00
> 100,000			$550.00		$50.00		
> Bulk E Mail amounts above 100,000 per sending will be bid on a 
> case by case basis.  If  you wish to modem us a list, there may be a 
> small charge for down load depending on list size.  If you wish us to 
>"clean" your list (remove all duplicates and bad addresses), we will  supply a 
> bid on a case by case basis as with writing your marketing materials and 
> other services.
> If we may be of service to you, respond to this email with your name,
> company name, and phone number, or may also call us directly at 
> (805) 654-4042.  Thank you.

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