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FNC Meeting

  • From: Jim Fleming
  • Date: Thu Feb 20 10:41:23 1997
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No matter which side of the Root Name Server debates
you are on, as members of NANOG, it is important that
your views are heard by people who make the "real" decisions.
Whether you are heard as a group or as individuals
your views should be heard.

I am sure that people in the U.S. Government and
specifically the National Science Foundation will
be "doing the right thing" and addressing some of the
major issues. Fortunately, there are many checks
and balances in the U.S. Government to prevent
one person from being the judge, jury, and...

There is a Federal Networking Council meeting planned
for February 27, 1997. As noted, it is apparently for
members only. This should not stop people from
"networking" with the people who influence 

When "networking" is allowed to be redefined as "spam",
the entire Internet community is in trouble. This is
no different from a sheriff in rural America redefining
speeding on a car by car basis, with no judge or jury
present and no record of the "fine" that was collected.


Feb. 27, 1997	FNC*	1:00-3:00	NSF

(* = restricted to members) 


Federal Networking Council

George Strawn - Chairman	[email protected]
Walter Wiebe - Executive Director	[email protected]
Bruce Almich	[email protected]
Bruce Bottomley	[email protected]
Dick desJardins	[email protected]
Frank Hartel	[email protected]
Craig Hunt	[email protected]
Pamela G. Kruzic	[email protected]
Henry Lai	[email protected]
Fred Lee	[email protected]
Fred Long	[email protected]
Hilarie Orman	[email protected]
Camillo J. Pasquariello	[email protected]
Alexis Poliakoff	[email protected]
Ken Roko	[email protected]
Elaine Stout	[email protected]


The Federal Networking Council Advisory Committee (FNCAC) is chartered by
the National Science Foundation to provide the FNC with technical, tactical,
and strategic advice from the constituencies involved in the NREN Program..."

FNCAC Members

Dr. Sidney Karin	[email protected]
Dr. George Brandenburg	[email protected]
Dr. Henriette Avram	[email protected]
Mr. Jim Beall, Jr.	[email protected]
Mr. Alan Blatecky	[email protected]
Mr. Matt Blaze	[email protected]
Ms. Susan Estrada	[email protected]
Dr. Kenneth S. Flamm	[email protected]
Dr. John Gage	[email protected]
Ms. Carol Henderson	[email protected]
Dr. Kenneth J. Klingenstein	[email protected]
Mr. Richard Liebhaber	[email protected]
Mr. Stu Loken	[email protected]
Dr. Paul Mockapetris	[email protected]
Mr. Robert G. Moskowitz	[email protected]
Dr. Ike Nassi	[email protected]
Mr. Carl Edward Oliver	[email protected]
Dr. Stewart Personick	[email protected]
Mr. Thomas C. Rindfleisch	[email protected]
Mr. Mike Roberts	[email protected]
Ms. Connie D. Stout	[email protected]
Brigadier General Harold Thompson	[email protected]
Dr. Stephen Wolff	[email protected]

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

[email protected]
[email protected] (EDNS/IPv8)

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