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Re: F means filtered ?

  • From: Edward Henigin
  • Date: Thu Feb 20 00:52:53 1997

	Look, I think y'all are morons.

	1) if someone floods Paul's network, does that not make the
F root server unusuable to *everyone* ?  why doesn't anyone pat him on
the back for taking defensive measures to protect a public resource?
Oh yeah, you know, your public library has locks on the doors, right?
Oh shit, better go take the locks off, the books are public resources,
everyone is supposed to have access!

	2) the volume of networks that Paul blocks is SO DAMN TINY,
I mean, it's infinitesimal, why are so many people wasting so much time
making so much noise about it?

	shut up and get back to business.



On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Racer X wrote:

> If you claim to be a root server with data for everyone, you should damn
> well provide that data to everyone.  Otherwise, you have no right to pose
> as one of the root servers.
> shag
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