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Re: F means filtered ?

  • From: Racer X
  • Date: Thu Feb 20 00:37:22 1997

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, George Herbert wrote:

> It's not like failing to reach will deny service
> to anyone (you try g, h, a, b... if you can't get through).
> If this were more widely deployed to more of them that might
> be cause for some complaint by the spammers that they were
> being discriminated against.  But one of the 15 or so being
> unavailable to... let's see, counting it up it looks like around
> 12 class C sized nets and 4 individual host machines is barely a
> statistical blip.  In the worst case, DNS lookups at those sites
> take twice as long in 1 in 15 cases, and much less in practice
> if their lookup software has any brains and stops querrying
> roots it doesn't get responses from.

Sigh.. the point is that we have 9 (or so) root servers right now.  All of
those can be counted on to provide name service for anybody for anything,
assuming of course that the network is okay.  When someone starts blocking
certain sites' access, then we basically have 8 servers.  Sooner or later,
someone else will decide to start blocking.  Then we'll have 7.  And so
on, until everyone has to use different root servers.

If you claim to be a root server with data for everyone, you should damn
well provide that data to everyone.  Otherwise, you have no right to pose
as one of the root servers.


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