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RE: Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

  • From: Jim Fleming
  • Date: Tue Feb 18 14:11:05 1997
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On Tuesday, February 18, 1997 12:40 PM, Paul A Vixie[SMTP:[email protected]] wrote:
@ > BTW, there are 2010-complient roots going in.  And, if you secondary root
@ > from us, you'll get that update automatically when it happens.....
@ And, if you secondary "." from MCS, you will get data that only a small
@ fraction of the net sees, and it will conflict with data that large portions
@ of the net see, and it will conflict with other petty fiefdoms run by other
@ provincial wannabes who think that THEY and not MCS ought to run/own ".".
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Folks, please face the facts. The U.S. Government controls
the Internet. It has always been that way and it will likely always
be that way. It is a resource that many people depend on and
businesses are investing because of the stability, security, and
opportunities that the U.S. Government provides.

If you want to assemble a real "Blue Ribbon Panel" that
represents the real Internet society, I suggest that you start
with some or all of the people below. These are the people who
control the popular Root Name Servers and are the people
mandated by the people to "do the right thing". They are also
some of the people supported by U.S. taxpayers dollars to
make sure that federal government resources such as the
Root Name Servers are used properly according to the laws
in the United States.

We are rapidly approaching March 1, 1997. There will be one
year left on the InterNIC agreements developed by the National
Science Foundation (NSF). Everyone needs to work together
to make sure that those agreements remain stable for one
more year and that plans are made to ensure that any transitions
are smooth and do not impact the stability of the Internet.

The current attempts to fragment the InterNIC are not in
the best interest of the Internet. Instead, the InterNIC should
be kept in tact and used as an educational model to help
create additional "NICs" across the United States to spread
the wealth and jobs around and to ensure better stability
via distributed management.

I have suggested that the NSF use the $12.6 million to
help launch 49 additional NICs, one in each state except for
Virginia. By March of 1998, hopefully enough NICs will be
operational to allow the current InterNIC as we know it to
take its place with the others as a state NIC controlled by
the people of Virginia.

Many people have worked hard over the past couple of years
to demonstrate that cooperating and competing regional NICs
can coexist. The technology is well understood and with the
stewardship of some or all of the people below, I am confident
that the original NSF plan to expand the NICs can be
accomplished by the time the NSF agreements with AT&T
and Network Solutions, Inc. end.

In order to get the regional NICs up to speed, I suggest that
states follow the NSF InterNIC model and "ousource" the
work to regional companies that have demonstrated their
expertise in not only Internet technology but also the emerging
registry industry. I suggest that these companies work with
their state governments to gain support to work with the
elected officials below to get things moving. There is only
one year left. Time is getting short.

Rather than have anyone rush into dismantling the InterNIC
why not join together to clone the InterNIC, not once, but
at least 49 times to help the Internet grow. Once this is
demonstrated, then obviously the lessons learned will
help fuel international growth. No one will be left out.

If other countries want to join in this effort, I suggest that
they follow a similar plan. Think global but start local. It
is the only way that you will make any real progress. I am
sure that many people in the U.S. will be glad to lend a
hand to get things moving. Hopefully, there will be many
examples and more educational programs developed as
these efforts unfold.

There is no reason why anyone should be left out but
there is also no reason why people should hold back
waiting for people to catch up. With the clock ticking
and $12.6 million in the bank, it is time to duplicate
the prototype in Virginia in every state and each country.

It is not time to dismantle the prototype. If that occurs
then much of the knowledge will be lost and the money
the U.S. taxpayers spent to build the InterNIC will be
wasted. Again, the following people have the mandate
of the people to make sure that money and the efforts
are not wasted. They work daily to maximize the return
on the taxpayer's investment. Let them know that you
want to work with them to make sure you also benefit

from those efforts in your states and countries.

Thank you for your time...


President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore

National Science Board (NSB)
	The NSB has dual responsibilities as: 
		. National science policy advisor to the President
			and the Congress
		. Governing body for the National Science Foundation

	Chairman NSB - Dr. Richard N. Zare, Stanford University
		[email protected]

	Office of Inspector General of the NSF (also links to Congress)
		Inspector General - Linda G. Sundro - [email protected]
			Investigator - Clara Kuehn - [email protected]
National Science Foundation
	Neal Lane - [email protected]
		Juris Hartmanis - [email protected]
			George Strawn - [email protected]
				Don Mitchell - [email protected]



"The FNC supports the goals of the CIC, particularly those related
to building the national information infrastructure (NII). It also seeks
to address Federal technology transition goals and allow the
operational experiences of FNC agencies to influence future
Federal research agendas.

It also contributes funds to important Internet infrastructure organizations,
such as
	the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),
	Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA),
	and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)."


Federal Networking Council

George Strawn - Chairman	[email protected]
Walter Wiebe - Executive Director	[email protected]
Bruce Almich	[email protected]
Bruce Bottomley	[email protected]
Dick desJardins	[email protected]
Frank Hartel	[email protected]
Craig Hunt	[email protected]
Pamela G. Kruzic	[email protected]
Henry Lai	[email protected]
Fred Lee	[email protected]
Fred Long	[email protected]
Hilarie Orman	[email protected]
Camillo J. Pasquariello	[email protected]
Alexis Poliakoff	[email protected]
Ken Roko	[email protected]
Elaine Stout	[email protected]


The Federal Networking Council Advisory Committee (FNCAC) is chartered by
the National Science Foundation to provide the FNC with technical, tactical,
and strategic advice from the constituencies involved in the NREN Program..."

FNCAC Members

Dr. Sidney Karin	[email protected]
Dr. George Brandenburg	[email protected]
Dr. Henriette Avram	[email protected]
Mr. Jim Beall, Jr.	[email protected]
Mr. Alan Blatecky	[email protected]
Mr. Matt Blaze	[email protected]
Ms. Susan Estrada	[email protected]
Dr. Kenneth S. Flamm	[email protected]
Dr. John Gage	[email protected]
Ms. Carol Henderson	[email protected]
Dr. Kenneth J. Klingenstein	[email protected]
Mr. Richard Liebhaber	[email protected]
Mr. Stu Loken	[email protected]
Dr. Paul Mockapetris	[email protected]
Mr. Robert G. Moskowitz	[email protected]
Dr. Ike Nassi	[email protected]
Mr. Carl Edward Oliver	[email protected]
Dr. Stewart Personick	[email protected]
Mr. Thomas C. Rindfleisch	[email protected]
Mr. Mike Roberts	[email protected]
Ms. Connie D. Stout	[email protected]
Brigadier General Harold Thompson	[email protected]
Dr. Stephen Wolff	[email protected]


U.S. Senate e-mail addresses

Alabama - Shelby, Richard C. (R) - [email protected]
Alaska - Stevens, Ted (R) - [email protected]
Arizona - Kyl, Jon (R) - [email protected]
Arizona - McCain, John (R) - [email protected]
Arkansas - Bumpers, Dale (D) - [email protected]
Arkansas - Hutchinson, Tim (D) - [email protected]
California - Boxer, Barbara (D) - [email protected]
California - Feinstein, Dianne (D) - [email protected]
Connecticut - Dodd, Christopher J. (D) - [email protected]
Connecticut - Lieberman, Joseph I. (D) - [email protected]
Delaware - Biden, Joseph R., Jr. (D) - [email protected]
Florida - Graham, Bob (D) - [email protected]
Georgia - Coverdell, Paul (R) - [email protected]
Hawaii - Inouye, Daniel K. (D) - [email protected]
Idaho - Craig, Larry E. (R) - [email protected]
Idaho - Kempthorne, Dirk (R) - [email protected]
Illinois - Moseley-Braun, Carol (D) - [email protected]
Iowa - Grassley, Chuck (R) - [email protected]
Iowa - Harkin, Tom (D) - [email protected]
Kansas - Brownback, Sam (R) - [email protected]
Kentucky - Ford, Wendell H. (D) - [email protected]
Kentucky - McConnell, Mitch (R) - [email protected]
Louisiana - Breaux, John B. (D) - [email protected]
Maine - Collins, Susan (R) - [email protected]
Maine - Snowe, Olympia J. (R) - [email protected]
Maryland - Mikulski, Barbara A. (D) - [email protected]
Maryland - Sarbanes, Paul S. (D) - [email protected]
Massachusetts - Kennedy, Edward M. (D) - [email protected]
Massachusetts - Kerry, John F. (D) - [email protected]
Michigan - Abraham, Spencer (R) - [email protected]
Michigan - Levin, Carl (D) [email protected]
Minnesota - Grams, Rod (R) - [email protected]
Minnesota - Wellstone, Paul D. (D) - [email protected]
Mississippi - Cochran, Thad (R) - [email protected]
Missouri - Ashcroft, John (R) - [email protected]
Missouri - Bond, Christopher S. (R) - [email protected]
Montana - Baucus, Max (D) - [email protected]
Montana - Burns, Conrad R. (R) - [email protected]
Nebraska - Kerrey, J. Robert (D) - [email protected]
Nevada - Bryan, Richard H. (D) - [email protected]
Nevada - Reid, Harry (D) - [email protected]
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New Hampshire - Smith, Bob (R) [email protected]
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North Carolina - Helms, Jesse (R) - [email protected]
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Wyoming - Thomas, Craig (R) - [email protected]


	Dr. George Strawn
	Division Director
	Division of Networking and Communication
		Research and Infrastructure
	National Science Foundation
	4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 1175
	Arlington, VA 22230
	Phone: (703) 306-1950
	Fax: (703) 306-0621
	Email: [email protected]

	Network Solutions, Inc. (NS45-HST)

	Army Research Laboratory (BRL-AOS)
	Moffett Field (NS-NASA)


	University of Southern California (ISI2)
		Dr. Stephen B. Sample
		ADM 110
		University of Southern California
		University Park, mc-0012
		Los Angeles, CA 90089-0012
		(213) 740-2111

	University of Maryland (UMD-TERP)
		Dr. William E. Kirwan
		President, University of Maryland at College Park
		Legal Affairs
			Dr. J. Terrance Roach <mailto: [email protected]>


	Performance Systems International Inc. (C-NYSER)
		510 Huntmar Park Drive
		Herndon, VA 22070
	Internet Software Consortium (ISC)
		Internet Software Consortium (ISC2-DOM)
		c/o UUNET Communications Services
		3110 Fairview Park Drive
		Suite 570
		Falls Church, VA 22042
		Domain Name: ISC.ORG       

	Contact: (See below)
	[No name] (NORDU)


Internet Software Consortium (ISC)

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   Host Administrator:
      Vixie, Paul  (PV15)  [email protected]
      +1 415 747 0204

   Domain Server

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Network Solutions, Inc. (NS45-HST)
   505 Huntmar Park Drive
   Herndon, VA 22070

   System: SUN running SUNOS

   Host Administrator:
      Kosters, Mark A.  (MAK21)  [email protected]
      (703) 742-4795 (FAX) (703) 742-4811

   Record last updated on 31-Aug-95.

University of Southern California (ISI2)
   Information Sciences Institute
   4676 Admiralty Way
   Marina del Rey, CA 90292

   System: ? running ?

   Host Administrator:
      Koda, Jim  (JK7)  [email protected]
      310) 822-1511

   Record last updated on 12-Aug-95.

University of Maryland (UMD-TERP)
   Computer Science Center
   College Park, MD 20742

   System: MICROVAX-II running UNIX

      Sneeringer, Gerry  (GS307)  [email protected]
      (301) 405-2996

   domain server

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Army Research Laboratory (BRL-AOS)
   Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD  21005-5066

   System: SUN running UNIX

   Host Administrator:
      Fielding, James L.  (JLF)  [email protected]
      (410)278-8929 (DSN) 298-8929 (410)278-6664 (FAX) (410)278-5077

   domain server

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Performance Systems International Inc. (C-NYSER)

   System: SUN running UNIX

      Administration, PSINet Domain  (PDA4)  [email protected]
      (703) 904-4100

   domain server

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[No name] (NORDU)

   System: SUN-4/60 running UNIX

      Rendahl, Matti [President]  (MR164)  [email protected]
      +46 8 612 49 26 +46 70 533 13 56 (FAX) +46 8 612 49 36

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Moffett Field (NS-NASA)
   NASA Ames Research Center, Mail Stop 233-8
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      Schlapfer, Marcel  (MS4039)  [email protected]
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   domain server

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   Suite 200
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   System: SUN running UNIX

      McCollum, Robert W.  (RM584)  [email protected]
      (703) 802-8476 (FAX) (703) 802-8376

   Root Domain Server

   Record last updated on 18-Aug-95.


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

[email protected]
[email protected] (EDNS/IPv8)

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