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Re: Unsubstantiated Rumor - this is not simply about RBOC ISP Tariff

  • From: David Holub
  • Date: Tue Feb 18 02:18:42 1997

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Tim Salo wrote:

> > a) The "free peering" relationship is directly analogous to a "bill & 
> > keep" interconnection relationship between traditional telephone companies.
> I suspect that "directly analogous" is neither a legal nor a regulatory
> term.

Tim this is new legal ground. That is my whole point.

> > b) Under the Communications Act of 1934 As amended by the Telecommunications
> > Act of 1996 ("Act"), "telecommunications carriers" are under obligation to
> > interconnect "with the facilities and equipment of other telecommunications
> > carriers..." (Act, Sec. 251 (a) (1)
> It may be worth your while to learn what a "telecommunications carrier"
> is.  (I rather doubt that you are one.  I also rather doubt that the
> people you want to peer with are either.)

I'm very aware of what a "telecommunications carrier" is and without boring
you with the details I'm also very secure in Whole Earth Networks ability to
fall under that definition. The question as to whether we peer with other
"telecommunications carriers" is what should be of interest to the
operational community. 

I'm going to take this off of this list but all I'm trying to get across if I
can't be more subtle about it is: 

A broad FCC interpretation of the 'Act' with regard to regulations concerning
what 'Interconnection' is among 'Carriers' could be of operational benefit to
many on this list and we need to make that clear to our future regulators. 

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