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Re: root servers followup

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Fri Feb 14 04:59:01 1997

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997, Hank Nussbacher wrote:

> Certain individual(s) on the iahc-discuss list have made statements that
> they intend to attack the Internet root servers.  I have no idea if this
> is the result of such an attack or not.  Just a FYI. 

The first one on the list to publicly issue the threat was Bob Allisat.
This man is a rabble rouser and his public statement did not clearly
indicate that he would do this himself but that he would urge others to
initiate attacks on all the root nameservers. Since he hangs out on a lot
of fringe USENET groups it is entirely possible that he has begun inciting
others to take action. As many of you know, a skilled propogandist can be
more dangerous than a man with a gun.

These are the four actions he is calling for:

      STAGE TWO:
      - Electronic conflict...
      - Disable conventional Name Servers...
      - Flood Internic/IANA/ISOC/NSI/SAIC...
      - Point target Individuals...

I think that root nameserver operators should collect any data that could
be used in detecting the source of these problems.

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