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root server update

  • From: Matthew Kaufman
  • Date: Fri Feb 14 00:10:08 1997

After verifying that the only problem server remaining was H, we
managed to track down the keeper of H around 20:15 PST, he had nameservice
down at 20:39 PST and back running with correct results now at 20:47 PST.

Thanks to:  - quick RFC reference to verify error code
                         - found
                            which verified who was responsible for the
                            server (just confirmed the 'whois' data)    - found his likely home phone number       - verified that his home is just down the highway
                            from where he works, confirming which home phone
                            number was most likely
  [email protected]         - got the thing fixed well after working hours
                            ought to be over

and everyone on this list who sent me private mail confirming that the problem 
was global, not local. even if this isn't really the right list for DNS issues.

now, to add an infrequent check of the root nameservers to our homebrew NMS,
so our NOC operators can see these things happen as they happen, not after
the fact.

-matthew kaufman
 [email protected]

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