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Re: New Peering Point - Atlanta Internet eXchange (AIX)

  • From: Dorn Hetzel
  • Date: Tue Feb 11 16:24:26 1997

"Jeffrey C. Ollie" writes:
> On Tue, 11 Feb 1997 14:26:56 -0500, [email protected] writes:
> >Bay Networks, Epoch Networks, Siemens Business Services, and
> >GridNet are sponsoring a new exchange point in Atlanta.
> >
> >For details, see: <A HREF="";> </A>
> Interesting! Can you put more specific information on the initial
> hardware configuration up on the web site? Also, will the exchange
> routers be running BGP or will people that connect be required to
> negotiate BGP peering directly with other subscribers?

Generally speaking, connections will be available in the following

	T-1	We plug you into a BCN T-1 port.  If you want layer
		two connectivity to do bilateral, we bridge you
		to the full-duplex fast ethernet core switch.  If
		you are a small local who is looking to dump local
		traffic and doesn't peer with the nationals anyway,
		then you can be routed and peer with the BCN and
		talk with the locals that way.

	T-3	A lot like T-1, only faster.

	Ethernet and Fast Ethernet: Mostly for larger folks who
	are bringing a router.  We're supporting colocation where
	necesssary, but not really encouraging it at this time.

	OC-3	Into a BCN or an ATM switch, depending.

The main idea is that this is a place to exchange traffic, not make
another huge circle of routers (if we can avoid it).  Bay has been
kind enough to sponsor this exchange with switches and routers that
can be shared in a number of ways, removing the need for many participants 
to bring their own router.  This will also result in VERY low cost of



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