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Re: Unsubstantiated Rumor

  • From: Hong Chen
  • Date: Sun Feb 09 14:37:47 1997

The detailed background info on this issue can be found on 
Page 1 of WebWeek,  Jan 20, 1997. 

"ISPs Could Owe New Fees To Telcos if FCC Gives its OK".

FCC has an email box at 

		[email protected]

for ISPs and consumers to send informal comments. The deadline is
Feb 21, and March 24 is the dead for replies to comments.

FCC will post the comments at

Hong Chen				408-567-3800 (tel)
[email protected]			408-567-0990 (fax)

On Sun, 9 Feb 1997, James R. Fisher wrote:

>   What appears below is an unsubstantiated rumor, but some rumors are true...
> -jrf
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> >Return-Path: [email protected]
> >Date: Sat, 8 Feb 97 16:41:22 EST
> >To: [email protected], [email protected]
> >From: "Bruce B. Bottomley" <[email protected]>
> >Subject: Fw: Telephone charges for Internet
> >
> >
> >Does anybody know if there's truth in this one?  The concept doesn't sound
> >extraordinarily unlikely given the info we received from the FCC rep at FNC
> >a few months back about central office loading, allocation of costs and
> >revenues, etc., but the lack of publicity associated with this--if true--is
> >a bit surprising.
> >
> >>Subject: Fwd: Telephone charges for Internet
> >>
> >>>I am writing you this to inform you
> >>>of a very important matter currently under review by the FCC. Your local
> >>>telephone company has filed a proposal with the FCC to impose per minute
> >>>charges for your internet service. They contend that your usage has or will
> >>>hinder the operation of the telephone network.  It is my belief that
> >>>internet usage will diminish if users were required to pay additional per
> >>>minute charges. The FCC has created an email box for your comments,
> >>>responses must be received by February 13, 1997. Send your comments to
> >>>[email protected] and tell them what you think.  Every phone company is
> >>>in on this one, and they are trying to sneak it in just under the wire for
> >>>litigation. Let everyone you know hear this one. Get the e-mail address to
> >>>everyone you can think of.
> >>>
> >>>[email protected]

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