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Community Space and Cyberspace (fwd)

  • From: Doug Tooley
  • Date: Wed Feb 05 20:31:40 1997

Hi all-

The following conference is highly recommended for all who have a bit of
activist in their blood.  The conference is part of a national series put
on by the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. (CPSR)

For those folks not located in Seattle it makes a great excuse to visit...

-Douglas Tooley

Please distribute to interested colleagues and appropriate lists.

                     Community Space & Cyberspace
                         What's the Connection?


                 March 1 - 2, 1997, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
                    University of Washington HUB
                           Seattle, WA  USA

Will cyberspace destroy society by turning us all into high tech couch
potatoes?  Or will it provide unprecented opportunities for community
involvement?  On March 1 and 2, 1997, Computer Professionals for Social
Responsibility (CPSR) will present its sixth DIAC ("Directions and
Implications of Advanced Computing") conference to help answer those
questions.  The theme is "Community Space and Cyberspace: What's the
Connection?" and our aim is to challenge some of the cyber-spacy hype
and bring the discussion back to earth to the communities we live in.

Howard Rheingold, best-selling author of "The Virtual Community:
Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier" will give the keynote address
on March 1.   Howard's presentation will be followed by panel
discussions on economics, education, high-technology social mediation,
and other topics.  In these panels computer pioneers, activists, and
other thinkers and doers will describe their experiences and ideas on
what has changed, what may change, and, most importantly, what citizens
can do to make the technology more responsive to community needs.

Some of the Panelists include

  + Peter van den Besselaar, Social Science Informatics, University of 
    Amsterdam and De Digitale Stad (the Digital City), Amsterdam 
  + Amy Borgstrom, Executive Director, ACENET, OH
  + Amy Bruckman, Researcher, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
  + Steve Cisler, Senior Librarian, Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA
  + Jamie McClelland, Libraries for the Future, New York, NY
  + Peter Miller, Network Director, Community Technology 
      Center's Network (CTCNet), Newton, MA
  + Kevin Rocap, California State University at Long Beach
  + Rolland Waters, CTO, RTIME, Inc.

And many others!

The second day, March 2, will feature workshops on a variety of topics
presented by practitioners from the Pacific Northwest, Boston,
Amsterdam, New York City, and many other places.

Workshop Topics include 

  + Libraries in Cyberspace 
  + Community Voice Mail for Homeless Clients
  + Networking for Non-Profits
  + City Government Programs On-Line
  + Telecommunications and Educational Reform
  + On-Line Services: Forum for Collaboration or Technology of Isolation?
  + Safety in Cyberspace
  + Civil Liberties in Cyberspace
  + Navigating the Maze of Telecommunications Policy Changes

and many many more.

Some Quick Notes...

Location: HUB Auditorium, University of Washington, Seattle.  

Time: On-site egistation opens at 8:00 AM; program begins at 9:00 and
ends at 5:00 pm.

Registration: $25 students & low income; $50 CPSR and co-sponsors; $75
other.  Some scholarships are available.

CPSR Benefit: Meet with conference attendees informally while enjoying
snacks, drinks, and demos!  Saturday, March 1, at Seattle's Speakeasy
Cafe.  $25 is the suggested donation and additional contributions
gladly accepted to help CPSR organize programs like this in the

Volunteers Wanted: For registration, workshop coordination, virtual
conference, and outreach.  (And registration is free for volunteers!)

Workshops: We are still interested in seeing your workshop proposal.
If you have expertise, experience, or concerns to share, please
consider proposing a workshop.  Please use the form on the web site.

Accommodations: We have reserved a number of rooms at the Silver Cloud
Inn near the University.  Their phone number is 800-205-6940.  Rooms
are $66 for a single and $78 for a double.  Rooms will not be held
after the first week in February unless reservations have been made.

Air Travel: United Airlines is the official airline for the
conference.  Please see the conference web site for more information

Please join us in Seattle!

DIAC-97 will be one of the most timely and significant conferences on
Cyberspace themes.  We expect an exciting dialogue between educators,
librarians, government officials, journalists, and other community
members.  Please mark you calendars to attend and help us make
"Community Space and Cyberspace: What's the Connection?" as important
and inspirational as possible.

For more information: Doug Schuler, [email protected], 206.634.0752

Aki Namioka, President, Seattle Community Network Association
[email protected] ~~~~~ Support SCNA - Join Today! ~~~~~

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