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  • From: Jim Fleming
  • Date: Wed Feb 05 12:59:32 1997
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From: 	Jim Fleming[SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent: 	Wednesday, February 05, 1997 10:58 AM
To: 	'New Newdom'
Cc: 	'Donald Heath'; '[email protected]'
Subject: 	IAHC/IANA Verdict

After several months and much deliberation, the IAHC/IANA has
finally handed down its verdict. The seven names that have been
selected for their elaborate registry system are shown below. The
rest of the IAHC/IANA proposal has very little to do with the Root
Name Server owners and operators and appears to be mostly of
interest to the members of the ISOC and the IAHC/IANA.


3.1 Recommendations

New gTLDs will consist of strings of three to five letters each. gTLD
names should have general, contextual meaning, i.e. the gTLD should
suggest a connection with the Internet, with business or with personal

Seven, new gTLDs are specified here. It is expected that no further
allocations will be made until April, 1998. 



In the "darwinian" world of the Internet, it is important for the
entire Internet community to select only the "best of the net", as
the net expands.

In the interest of making progress and getting people to focus on
the large administrative and technical tasks facing everyone that really
operate the Internet, I suggest that we debate which of the above
names have merit and have registries standing behind them ready to
support them.

In my opinion, only the .WEB Top Level Domain qualfies for
consideration at this time. If people know of other registries that have
stepped forward to support any of the other TLDs, please speak up.
These are the open forums where history should be written.

If the owners and operators of the Root Name Servers agree that
.WEB is a candidate for recognition, then I will assign it the IPv8
Mapping of S10.G0 as shown below:

IPv8 Mappings

S0.G0  -  .NET (or .ARPA which is deprecated)
S1.G0  -  .GOV
S2.G0  -  .MIL
S3.G0  -  .EDU
S4.G0  -  .ORG
S5.G0  -  .COM
S6.G0  -  .INT
S7.G0  -  .NIC
S8.G0  -  .USA
S9.G0  -  .CORP
S10.G0  -  .WEB

If anyone has any comments, additions, corrections, etc. Please
post them to the "newdom" list <>.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

[email protected]
[email protected] (EDNS/IPv8)

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