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Re: Policies affecting the Internet as a whole - Hitting where it hurts

  • From: jenni baier
  • Date: Fri Dec 27 22:51:17 1996

On Sat, 28 Dec 1996, David J N Begley wrote:
> I submit that the reason a lot of this is happening is frustration -
> frustration that there is not enough co-operation to have stopped the
> problems before they got this far (let alone any further).
> I know that I've reached the stage whereby I don't care if I add a whole
> domain to an email "blacklist" (don't receive any messages from said
> domain) due to only a few miscreants - it's become far easier to do that,
> than hit my head against the proverbial brick wall, trying to get ISPs in
> the U.S. to do something (despite providing all evidence available).
> Read that some site is not co-operating to deal with troublemakers at the
> site?  No messing about, straight into the email blacklist.  It's not
> always possible for an organisation to provider 100% protection, either
> for its users or from its users, but at least *co-operating* to do
> *something* is a sign of willingness - and that has to be good for
> everyone..
> Think about it - we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by
> solving the problem ourselves as members of the one global community.

Much to think about, for sure.

So how about a creating a "white"list?  

How about creating some organization for which the pre-requisite of
membership would be adherence to a charter which outlined some standards
and policies for dealing with other ISPs when giving complaints and
standards for dealing with complaints received?  The membership list could
be published and serve as a list of providers worth using, rather than
publishing a "bad" list (which, it has already been shown, is

I'd be willing to put some time and effort into making something like this



jenni baier
[email protected]

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