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  • From: WING System Administration
  • Date: Tue Dec 10 15:56:37 1996

	Can anyone suggest a good way to get a CIDR block from the 
internic?  We are two separate isps with separate ASNs, merged under one 
with one of them currently getting addresses from an upstream provider 
(/20).  The problem is that in that location we are out of addresses, are 
multi-homed, and 
dissatisfied with our current provider.  We need addresses before we can 
switch over, but the internic refuses to release any to us until we have 
used another /20 from our current provider.  Thus, the internic has 
forced us to use one carrier with poor service.  Legally, is this a 
monopoly?  Has anyone started a class action suit? Can anyone help us?  

WING - Wilder InterNet Gateway
[email protected]

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