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  • From: Unknown
  • Date: Mon May 22 23:37:32 2006

"Point-to-point links can operate in a full-duplex mode to increase
bandwidth and reduce latency. Using FDDI, simultaneous transmission
and reception in a point-to-point connection between two FDDI adapters
that support full-duplex communication can provide twice the raw
bandwidth of the data link. When a point-to-point link is created with
a station that can use full-duplex mode, the communication mode is
changed from token ring to full-duplex. No token is passed in
full-duplex mode. Configurations can automatically move in and out of
full-duplex mode as the opportunity (two stations on a ring, both
capable) becomes available, or unavailable. Full-duplex mode can be
disabled using MIB objects in version 2.7 of the DEC Vendor MIB."

Since you point it out as a specific offering, does that mean you turn
it off by default? Do you charge more for it? 

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