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Re: Exchanges that matter...

  • From: Jonathan Heiliger
  • Date: Fri Nov 29 16:05:25 1996

On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Derek Elder wrote:

|} So is there a better solution for someone that doesn't actually want a
|} POP there now?  If PAIX is the smartest connection facilities wise,
|} that is where we want to be.  Are 2 DS-3 connections per router allowed
|} at PAIX?  That would be the best solution -- cohab a router at PAIX,
|} DS-3 back to our core and DS-3 up to Pacbell. 
|} What am I missing?

Just that you'll have to eat extra circuit costs.  While PAIX is a nicer,
newer and cleaner facility than what MFS has in San Jose for MAE-West; I
don't recall too many failures or complaints about the quality of that
facility.  Ask BBN where their SJ POP is located.

Since I don't think this list has turned into 'network-engineering' I'll
stay away from the P*B NAP vs. MAE-West point. ;-)


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