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Re: Exchanges that matter...

  • From: Nathan Stratton
  • Date: Fri Nov 29 14:34:11 1996

On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Paul A Vixie wrote:

> > Ameritech NAP
> > Atlanta NAP :-)
> > MAE-East
> > MAE-West
> > PACBell NAP
> > Sprint NAP
> In terms of meeting peering requirements, the above list is sufficient
> except that the ":-)" has to be read as "just kidding".

Yes, for now. 

> Unfortunately for my ulcer, more was said:


> > CIX may be worth connecting to as a sales thing, and PAIX is not worth
> > connecting to yet because there are so many NAPs in that area.
> Connecting to CIX won't help your sales.  It does help your connectivity if
> you aren't otherwise able to buy T3 lines to everywhere in the universe, and
> it's a fine backup for folks who _can_ afford T3 lines to all of known space.

Well it sure will if you are going after gov contracts. I have have bid on
several that you had to be connected to CIX in order to bid.

> PAIX is the best NAP-like object in the Bay Area, in my biased view (I'm a
> consultant to Digital so the bias is strong).  They have better facilities
> than MAE-W and they aren't subject to ATM's cell tax and PUC vagueries the

Yes, 100%

> way Pac Bell's is.  The only thing they don't have is a lot of people to
> peer with, which is a good reason _but_the_only_reason_ why they are not in
> first place on the west coast.

Yes, true, it would be great of MAE-West of PACBell just moved to PAIX,
but I don't think it is worth adding a view when you have established NAPs
in the area. I learned this when I when I was building Atlanta-NAP I
wanted to build a place better then PAIX (and they did the best job so
far), but I found out that people don't care. If I build a NAP that was
100 times nicer then MAE-East (and that would not be hard at all) people
would not just move.

> The higher quality of the facilities and remote hands at PAIX ought to lead
> most newcomers to the Bay Area to locate their POP in Palo Alto and run a
> T3 line to MAE-W or PB-NAP or both.  The remote hands people at PAIX are

Yep, that is what we did until our POP is built.

> not knuckle dragging frame techs, they are senior-sysadmin-quality
> technical people who you would be lucky to be able to hire full time if
> they were available.  This makes a huge difference when you want to know
> WHICH red light is blinking.
> On the other hand the original question was about what you need to connect
> to in order to meet Sprint's or AGIS' peering requirements, and the original
> answer (a) was correct and (b) did not list DEC PAIX.  Therefore I'm really
> not trying to change the answer, I'm answering an entirely different question.

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