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Re: FW: First? TRUE Root Name Server On Line

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Sun Nov 24 14:30:12 1996

> How do you think it would affect the crediblity of these charlatans
> if we all ran our own root servers, populated with what ever drivel
> we chose?

Positively.  And we'd want to do it correctly, which would take work,
yet it would mean nothing.  And, unlike the kiddie DNS wannabes, most
of us have real lives with real work to do.

Has no one seen a five year old have a tantrum before?  The more you
pay attention to them the more the tantrum.  Step back ten feet, and
it's 60% funny and 40% pathetic.

What leaves their credibility at its natural level, zero, is if we all
hit delete instead of reply.

For those of us for whom this is hard, and/or would like to improve
the input s/n, procmail works wonders.
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