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Re: FW: First? TRUE Root Name Server On Line

  • From: Todd Graham Lewis
  • Date: Sat Nov 23 16:24:21 1996

Mr. Flemming,

Hello.  While I can understand your enthusiasm at bringing up the first
TRUE Root Name Server to take into account the interplanetary nature of
the network, I think that you perhaps have been misinformed about the
nature of the NANOG.

Interplanetary networking is surely a pressing topic, and one in which
many, dare I say even four, of us might care about.  Nonetheless, NANOG is
a purely earth-concerned network group.  In fact, NANOG isn't even
concerned with the network which spans our present planet of habitation,
only the portion thereof which lies in the North American continent.

As the network expands to other planets and solar systems, I am sure that
many groups similar to NANOG will be springing up across the galaxy.
Notifying each of them of the developments in inter-planetary networking
would be a tedious and, given the high latency of space-based IP links,
difficult matter.  In fact, using discussion fora such as NANOG to inform
network operators of the developments in the universal network necessarily
wastes bandwidth on delivering such messages to people who don't care and
are highly annoyed at such off-topic ravings of a certified net.loon.

Might I humbly suggest that you create your own mailing list for network
operators in this cosmos and others, and keep your annoying and insane
rantings out of the NANOG list, where they have no place and are
unappreciated?  Those of us who are concerned with inter-planetary
networking, I am sure, will be among the first to subscribe.

After all, if NANOG is so short-sighted in its areaq of emphasis, I am
sure that your new mailing list will soon displace NANOG as a prime area
for discussion among a larger, multi-species group of network operators. 


Sincerely yours,

Todd Lewis.

Todd Graham Lewis             Linux!                 Core Engineering
Mindspring Enterprises  [email protected]   (800) 719 4664, x2804

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