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Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Nov 15 17:03:02 1996

>> Number of ASes announcing only one prefix:  737 (378 cidr, 359 classful
> Wow!  Is a correct assumption that some 40% of the ASs could be 
> reclaimed?

I do not see how you get to this conclusion.  He did not say number of ASs
which only appear through one other unique AS, i.e. are single homed.  Oh,

>> Largest number of  cidr routes:                    461 announced by AS3561
>> Largest number of classful routes:                1266 announced by  AS174
> Neat stuff.  Could you list the top ten or five of each of these?

What is a 'top' prefix?  Lowest IP?  Shortest prefix?  Actually, for
embarrassment sake, I would want to see the most likely candidates for
aggregation.  But if I wanna see it, I can look in one of my routers.

>> Top 20 Withdrawn Routes from 08Nov96 to 15Nov96
>> 	-304  AS174 Performance Systems International
> Are congrats due to PSI?

Far out!  Maybe so!  

>> 	 -50 AS2914 WNA, premasticated for MCI :-)
> ???

Sorry.  I have to convert my RADB RPSL one into a placeholder RIPE-181++ for
the MCI-RR, and that's the descr:.  For the real aut-num: see the RADB.  I
would think Tony would be picking up the latter.  Old habits, TB?

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