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Re: high packet loss within Sprint infrastructure?

  • From: Paul J. Zawada
  • Date: Thu Nov 14 14:17:07 1996

I guess you haven't read this list very long...   The NSPs have no packet
loss and the problem is obviously that the end sites aren't willing to pay
for large enough pipes.

--zawada  [being facetiously sarcastic]

At 02:44 PM 11/13/96 -0800, you wrote:
>I hope this is an appropriate question for this list...
>We have been experiencing severe packet loss, apparently within the Sprint
>infrastructure, for several weeks.  Recently we've seen as high as 20%
>loss.   Our users are screaming.  They can't keep sessions open to resource
>providers, etc., to whom they are paying large annual fees.   Not at all
>We have been receiving conflicting stories fron Sprint about where the
>problem(s) is(are), who is responsible, what is being done (if anything),
>The loss appears to us to be worst at MAE-WEST but it seems to be happening
>more broadly as well.
>Can anyone else out there help shed light on this? Is anyone else aware of
>similar behavior?
>	David Wasley
>	University of California
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