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Re: "Naive" (not so stupid) Newbie bashfully seeks help

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Wed Nov 13 17:27:25 1996

> This isn't appropriate for the nanog mailing list.
> Perhaps you'd like to try inet-access?
> Check out for the inet-access FAQ.

Best to spell it out in excruciating detail for newbies....

There are copious resources to help new ISP's available at  Be sure to check as well. You can join one of several ISP mailing
lists by sending a message reading subscribe to:

[email protected]       General ISP discussions
[email protected]     Using FreeBSD as an ISP
[email protected]      Using Linux as an ISP
[email protected]  ISP marketing and management (no tech
                                    stuff on this list)
There is also a listserv for general discussions by small to midsize isp's
that can be joined by sending

subscribe IAP Your Name

to [email protected]

There is an ISP trade association that you may wish to join. Info is
available at

And last but most important, if any of you are ISP's on this mailing list
and were not aware of the above resources, send me a private email telling
me how you learned about the NANOG mailing list. I'd like to try and see
that information about the above resources is available wherever you
learned about NANOG since NANOG is more directed towards the larger ISP
that is planning to multihome or that runs a national backbone network.


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