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Re: Wake Up! (was: spamspamspam)

  • From: Joe Rhett
  • Date: Wed Nov 13 10:01:52 1996

> 	So, as a "responsible" ISP, you advocate denial of service attacks?
> 	You are either incredibly naive or intensely stupid to advocate
> 	that position.  Is that how you want people to deal with you when
		..		...		..		..
> 	have wiped the abuser out of your system.  But in the event someone
> 	decides to mail the source to Linux 1000 times to your server,
> 	copying abuse, root, postmaster, and support, they kill off your
> 	entire site, denying thousands of innocent users Internet access.
> 	The number of hours I have wasted over the past four years chasing
> 	down hackers and mail bombers has been a real pain.  I have ZERO
> 	tolerance for this behavior.
If your systems are so badly configured that a mail bomb attack denies
your users access, then you don't qualify as a "responsible ISP"
yourself. In fact, you qualify under both "naive" and "intensely

I don't agree with mailbombing, but it sounds like you are ripping your
clients off, since you obviously don't know to configure a system.

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