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Re: Why doesn't BGP... Why not? I'm not redistributing.

  • From: Edward Henigin
  • Date: Mon Nov 11 19:03:50 1996

	Sorry to add more noise... but here's a thought:

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Avi Freedman wrote:

> Your cruise control doesn't have to communicate with 80 other cruise
> controls, each of which communicates with 80 other cruise controls,
> each of which then has to decide whether they have to change any
> course or acceleration settings based on the updated info.

	I'm basically a stub network.  I take routes from 3 AS's right
now, but I don't redistribute anything I learn.  The only
redistribution that goes on for me is in my iBGP peering.

	The convincing argument for me against doing the "intelligent"
route selection has been related to the huge route flapping that
would ensue.  My question is, if I'm not redistributing the routes
(except internally, and I have a certain tolerance for route flapping
internally) then why not do the intelligent route selection?

	(the route selection would of course have dampening parameters
etc.. and be turned off by default, but have the ability to be enabled,

	Ed Henigin
	[email protected]

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