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Re: Why doesn't BGP...

  • From: Paul G. Donner
  • Date: Sat Nov 09 18:39:13 1996

There's also an OSPF study guide available if anyone is interested.  That
takes care of two of the protocols.

At 09:48 PM 11/9/96 GMT, Dean Gaudet wrote:
>In article
<h[email protected]halcyon.ha>,
>Ed Morin  <[email protected]> wrote:
>>On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Neil J. McRae wrote:
>>> Try reading the manual. How is the router supposed to know what
>>Well, until _somebody_ writes the definitive "Nutshell" book we
>>all know just how useful the "FM" is to "RT".
>I personally have found the information on the website/cdrom to be very
>complete.  The case studies proved invaluable while I was learning various
>things.  The BGP case study is incredible -- if you read it after reading
>a theoretical text on BGP then you'll be set for configuring networks with
>a small number of borders.  There's a draft somewhere too that talks about
>common bgp configurations.
>Granted it probably takes several hours of using the manuals before
>you get a feel for how they're laid out and where to go for things.
>That layout changes between 11.0 and 11.1 which can be annoying.  But
>it's very complete.  I've only ever dealt with ip, atalk and bridging
>however, maybe the experience in the other protocols is different.
>Do you honestly believe that a book with "nutshell" in the title is
>going to be more definitive than the CDROM documentation?  It would
>weight twenty pounds.  And also on this nutshell thread -- I think that
>people may be wishing for "IOS IP configuration in a nutshell".  There's
>no way a single book could do justice to all the protocols IOS deals with.

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