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Re: Why doesn't BGP...

  • From: Avi Freedman
  • Date: Sat Nov 09 13:30:33 1996

> Look, I can do a "show interface" on any interface and see what speed
> it's running at and if it's dropping packets.  If BGP hears a route
> on an interface that isn't dropping packets shouldn't _that_ route
> be considered "best" all other things being equal (hop counts and
> all)?  You can't tell me the router doesn't know this information
> because _I_ get the information from the router itself!!
> I understand about route instabilities, etc.  All I'm talking about
> here is a better "tie breaker" than ordinate numbers of IP addresses.

The router really can't see how fast an interface *can* go unless it's
maxed out.  That's not really useful information in a route-selection

It's possible that the packet loss might weight a better path but you
would have to be careful about reweighting 20k paths every few minutes...
Especially if you pass those decisions on to other routers :)


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