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Re: Cisco for dummies?

  • From: Michael Vallee
  • Date: Fri Nov 08 16:05:52 1996

This is actually a very good idea. Someone should talk to Tim O'Rielly at
ORA.COM about this. They are the "Nutshell Book" folks, and do a great job
on other books in this area. 

We need to recommend an author. Any volunteers?

Mike Vallee			Vaultline Inc.		[email protected]
				 408 364 9056
> (Assuming this hasn't already been done and I am the one that is uninformed)
> Has anyone though of how much money some publisher could make with a 
> Cisco for Dummies<tm> book? Say it runs $49.95 and is 2000 pages. It has 
> every obscure use of every command in say the IP IOS or Netflow Switching 
> or everything Cisco makes [depending on size here] It strikes me that 
> the UniversCD and the bound/hard copy manuals [including the ones from 
> the classes] are not all that useful unless you remember the approximate 
> syntax of the command or that it has been expanded in the next version of 
> IOS. 
> Lots of companies make books solely elaborating on the references 
> provided by the manufacturer [ala Osborne on Borland and such]. 
> It boggles my mind to figure how many they would probably sell [one for 
> every customer router?]
> Then again, I guess Cisco would sell it at they standard rates. $1095 for 
> the 3 volume set on CD.
> WARNING: There is some sarcasm in this message.
> -Deepak.
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