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Re: Access to the Internic Blocked

  • From: Geoff Huston
  • Date: Wed Aug 21 19:17:26 1996

The number of transit providers who turn off lsrr is growing daily.

Quite frankly turning it off it simply makes everyones life harder.

The only justification I hear when I question this is a) "this is some
kind of proxy security mechanism for our clients" (really!) or b)
"whats loose source routing anyway?"

Geoff Huston
[email protected]

>To: Michael Dillon <[email protected]>
>cc: [email protected]
>Subject: Re: Access to the Internic Blocked 
>Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 13:41:50 -0400
>From: "Jeff Young" <[email protected]>
>perhaps if folks would just take the time to loose source route
>in both directions instead of only one...
>was the web page in response to complaints to those who turn off lsrr?
>Jeff Young
>[email protected]

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