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  • From: Unknown
  • Date: Mon May 22 23:34:32 2006

| 3.6. Resource Records
| A domain name identifies a node.  Each node has a set of resource
| information, which may be empty.  The set of resource information
| associated with a particular name is composed of separate resource
| records (RRs).  The order of RRs in a set is not significant, and need
|                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| not be preserved by name servers, resolvers, or other parts of the DNS.
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This means even if a DNS server had complete knowledge of the network
topology (so that it could order things appropriately for each client), and
there was no caching going on (so that the person asking the question was
always an end host, never a forwarding or recursive server), there is
absolutely no guarantee that the host receiving such an "ordered set" would
use it in the order given.