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putting this issue to rest

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Wed Aug 21 21:07:09 1996

Executive summary:

This is a getconninfo()/gethostbyaddr() issue rather than a res_send() one.
See the SONAR and SRV drafts to understand the current (published) thinking.

Detailed view:

>> Nope.  Not only is DNS not a good directory system (see my comments on
>> ".COM is full" on the ietf list last year), it's not a good routing system
>> either.  That it can be abused to either purpose is not significant, since
>> 99% of the people and companies who will be on the Internet aren't here yet.

> Paul, do you know of anyone who has done work on code to pick the best 
> choice (ie, closest, fastest) from a list a multiple A records?  Or on 
> a name server that hands out "the best" A record.