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Re: sell shell accounts?

  • From: Paul Ferguson
  • Date: Tue Jul 23 19:10:26 1996

At 05:06 PM 7/23/96 -0500, Tim Salo wrote:

>The desire for a full mesh of VCs between routers becomes more compelling
>if you have more than three routers.  The diagram is left as an exercise
>to the reader; I rather dislike having to draw in ASCII.
>Note that the two paths between A and C, (directly versus via B), seem
>to take distinctly different paths.  (Perhaps, I missed your point).

Perhaps I missed your point.

Tim, I could've sworn that you had been following the IETF ION WG
mailing list, where this has been discussed on hundreds of occasions.
I hesitate to even mention this on NANOG (I really don't want to
re-hash this on this list), but I can't hold my tongue.

The scalability of an ATM network where each end-point is fully meshed
to all other end-points decreases in direct proportion to the number
of end-points. This is not so much a layer 2 problem, per se, but rather
the ability to maintain functional routing (convergence, et al.) in a
fully meshed network topology.

This does not scale.

- paul

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