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T3 or not to T3

  • From: Dean Gaudet
  • Date: Sun Jul 21 19:18:43 1996
  • Newsgroups: hot.mailing-lists.nanog

I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking on what the best solution
is for an application that initially requires approximately 15Mbps
outgoing and 8Mbps incoming (as viewed from my router), and talks with
500000 unique hosts daily (i.e. has fairly wide coverage of the net).
The application involves at least thirty machines, so colocation is likely
to be cost-prohibitive.  A single T3, or frac T3 isn't an option because
there isn't a single provider that I can trust for the availability
we want.  Even ignoring availability, I seriously doubt that any
provider can consistently fill a single customer's T3 pipe these days.