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Re: Sprint's route filters and Europe

  • From: David R. Conrad
  • Date: Mon Jun 17 07:36:57 1996


[IEPG added as this isn't just a North American issue]

Executive summary: come to the PIARA and IRE BOFs at the Montreal

>> We charge *everyone* for registration services.  That is how it should
>> be.  There is no reason why governments (read: taxpayers) should be
>> footing the bill. 
>This would be ok if there was a market for registry's. 

While I am generally a strong proponent of creating a market for
registry services, I will be honest and admit things just aren't set
up for the registries to compete yet.

>The current Ripe approach seems to build a large byracrazy, with 
>lots and lots of paperworks, so you need more resources to process 
>the paperworks, does not really support the part of the Internet 
>we are where supposed to facilitate.

The existance of a bureaucracy and "lots and lots of paperworks" is
the direct result of what I consider the complete raving irrationality
of the current registry system.  What would you propose the registries
do to meet the requirements of a) conserving address space, b)
conserving routing table space, and c) allocating the remaining free
pool of addresses in a "fair" fashion when we're constrained by
(arguably) obsolete policies put in place in the days when the
Internet was one big happy R&E community?