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Re: MAE-West is up again (Sun's & Alphas)

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Sat Jun 01 19:22:53 1996

Warning: this is irrelevant to the stated charter of NANOG.  Hit "D" now.
I mean it.  Don't read this.  It's not about network operations.
> This not just true for UNIX, a good friend of mine works out at Microsoft 
> on the NT development team.  He claims they've been seeing similar 
> numbers on Alpha and Pentium Pro machines under Windows NT.

My experience differs significantly, but then my P/Pro is 200MHz and my
Alpha is 333MHz.  Microsoft probably has older Alphas and newer P/Pro's.

Any of you installing Sun or Intel machines for netnews or shell or file
service or anything else requiring good source code compatibility (barring
32-bit pointer assumptions such as those in the route servers) and large
numbers of computrons are being silly.  DEC would loan you an Alpha for a
month to prove you wrong, since they know you won't be able to live without
it and the chance of them having to take it back is small.
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