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Continuation of NPD project at Merit

  • From: Dun Liu
  • Date: Tue May 28 18:04:15 1996

We are pleased to announce that MERIT will continue Vern Paxson's NPD project
under his approvement. We will use his software NPD and his methodology. The
effort is to continue the diagnosis of end-to-end routing behavior in the 

Beside that we will use those data to analize latency and packet loss 
along the pathes of this project.  We will also investigate the influnce of 
route flap on routing behavior by analyzing route path from BGP 
announcement and route path from traceroute. We will try to find out whether t
he traffic in the Internet has impact on the routing behavior.

To fulfill this project, we need cooperation from our nanog community.  
What you can contribute is a site which can run npd software and 
announcement of routing information to the route servers. In return, we may 
have a better understand of Internet, you may see your connectivity to all 
other sites that may shows your connectivity to the Internet.

Interested people can contact me at nanog, or send me e-mail at 
[email protected]  My name is Dun Liu. You can also directly download npd 
software, install it, and let me know.  The software is at 
By anomynous ftp, it is at "routing_arbiter/tools".

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Dun Liu at Merit
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