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Re: Stargates (In Defense of J.F.)

  • From: Dorian Kim
  • Date: Sun May 26 15:52:20 1996

On Sun, 26 May 1996, Tim Bass wrote:

> Excuse me just a little, but I would like to follow-up on the
> Bush-o-Gram with regard to Jim Fleming and others whom Randy
> would love to silence in this world.

NANOG = North American Network Operators' Group
Tim, please stop lowering this list's signal/noise ratio. This list is not for
philophical treatise on anything. It's an operator's group. Discussion of
IPv8, merits or lack there of, and such is better suited for lists like
Big-internet, which is for non-operational side of things.

> I have read some of Jim's posts on his ideas of StarGates,
> Galaxies and his idea of IPv8; and I'll be the first to admit
> that I haven't taken the time to visit Jim's WWW site and
> read his proposals and ideas.  They do seem to be a radical

Then don't comment.

> and in NANOG, because his proposals relate directly to IP internetworking
> and IP operations.

Wrong. As IPv8 currently stands, it has nothing to do with operations.

Once Jim documents it in an I-D, solicits peer review, and get at least two
interoperable implementations, then it would be of interest to NANOG. I'm sure
toy junkies like me would love to spend some time playing with implementation
of IPv8 once that happens.

Until then, please keep whatifs, philosophical rants etc off NANOG.


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