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Re: MAE-West is up again (Sun's & Alphas)

  • From: Steve Goldstein
  • Date: Sun May 26 12:23:46 1996


NSF never paid any of Gordon's expenses for anything, to my knowledge at
least.  He made an important contribution to the NATO meeting in Moscow in
1994 by delivering a well-thought-out and constructive charge to the
audience about how a bit more cooperation on everybody's part could improve
Internet service for large numbers of Russians.  I, as co-chair of the
event, was quite satisfied that I had spent NATO's money wisely by inviting
him to participate.  We even fed him (along with the other participants) on
NATO's tab.  Even with all that, it was still a good deal for NATO (he
drank much less vodka than most, BTW...).

At 2:18 AM 5/26/96, Gordon Cook wrote:
>tim asks who is paying for my trip to Russia.  How about me for
>incidentals and a total of $13.50 for tax on a delta frequent flyer
>ticket?  NSF has
>paid for NONE of my trips.  In Sept october 1994 NATO paid for a $620
>airplane ticket and I paid $120 to extend it and for all other expenses.
>On Sat, 25 May 1996, Tim Bass wrote:
>> Side note to Gordon Cook based on his contribution earlier:
>> Gordon, just a little barb to you, please do not take it personally,
>> but.. "is your current trip to Russia also funded by the NSF similar to
>> your previous trip"? ( inquiring minds want to know ;-)
>> Whoops! There I go again, standing in the corner, just losing my
>> religion.... Oh well, I said too much, I haven't said enought....

Go stand in the corner, Tim!

--Steve G.

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