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Re: mae-west corrigenda

  • From: Paul Ferguson
  • Date: Sat May 25 09:58:07 1996


- paul

At 09:23 AM 5/25/96 -0400, Gordon Cook wrote:

>Sean is usually very careful with his choice of words but in this instance
>I am afraid I don't understand the use of "compromised".
>Also I have a question.  Leaving aside the question of commercial use... I
>am in St Petersburg Russia now....which is why, unfortunately I will miss
>a Nanog meeting that is otherwise physically near me, and I will not tackle
>*this* issue from here, Sean in an earlier comment implied that if sprint
>were running a RS like the one at Mae West, it could be profitable because
>it would be a good easy and  cheap source of peering for other ISPs.
>Would Sean or someone else elaborate on this?  For example I didn't think
>it was the case that if Sprint is now using the services of the RA
>that being connected to the route server at MAE west would have been the
>same thing as having full peering with Sprint? Exactly what kind of
>connectivity DO you get from the use of the RS there or anywhere eles
>assuming that the RS is working.
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