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mae-west route servers are both down hard

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Fri May 24 19:01:29 1996


>From: 	[email protected]
>Date: 	Thursday, May 23, 1996 4:26 PM
>Subject: rs2.mae-west down indefinately
>The route server has crashed with the same symptoms as
>rs1.mae-west.  Both servers will be down indefinately.  Further
>information will be passed on as it becomes available.  We apologize for
>any inconvenience this may cause.
> UMNet                 MichNet                 CICNet               
>Merit RA
>Network Systems Consultant                           Network Operations Center
>[email protected]            U of M Information Technology Division not just an inconvenience.  On the strength of Merit's publicity,
quite a few peerships have been done through route servers, and to have
both route servers down at the same time is a massive disruption to many
of the folks who connect at MAE-W.

I have two heavily overconfigured Alpha machines loaded in my van, with
Stephen Stuart's port of RSd all ready for someone from Merit or ISI to
load up their configuration tables.  I've got a driver and a technician.

I need someone from Merit or ISI to call me and arrange physical access
as well as scheduling the download of the initial configuration files and
turnover of the root account and other "system keys".

The use of the machines, and the time to deliver and install them, have
all been donated by people who are suffering due to MAE-West's ills.  It
is most extraordinary that we have let things suffer this long, and if
the current plan is to wait until after the three day weekend, I consider
that flatly unacceptable.

E-mail me ([email protected]) or call me (1 415 747 0204) to arrange details.
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