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Re: topological closeness....

  • From: Paul Ferguson
  • Date: Fri May 17 14:29:25 1996

At 12:44 AM 5/18/96 +0800, Che-Hoo Cheng wrote:

>Yes, they are still a minor aspect but I think they contribute serveral more
>percents to the return on investment.  In AP, we have exchange points such
>as NSPIXP of Japan and HKIX of Hong Kong.  If ISPs in other AP countries
>have links to JP or HK and automatically (or semi-automatically) they can
>connect to all ISPs in that country/region instead of just one or several
>ISPs in it, the connection is more valuable and justifiable.  If the links
>can also be used to connect to other ISPs in other AP countries via that
>exchange, the connection is even more valuable and justifiable.  Of course,
>we still can't eliminate the links to US altogether.  But we probably can
>slow down the growth of bandwidth requirements to US a little bit.

Thanks for mentioning this -- it is exactly what is needed.  :-)

- paul

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