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Re: Worldly Thoughts - Cix/SL single T1

  • From: Robert Bowman
  • Date: Sun May 12 01:18:03 1996

CRL is at Mae-W, the NAP and Mae-east (to the best of my knowledge, as we peer
with them at those locs).

It is my understanding that Sprint wouldn't initiate peering with them for
one reason or another (I don't want to touch that issue).  So CRL is using
the CIX soley to reach Sprint, as well as Sprint to reach CRL.

There are a few other NSPs that are in a similar boat with CIX/Sprint to
the best of my knowledge.

> [keep in mind that it's been over 18 months since I was a CRL employee]
> Robert writes: 
> >Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that it is a major cross connect
> >between many providers and Sprint?  CRL comes to mind.
> CRL is also at MAE-W and the NAP, I would presume peering with Sprint at
> those locations as well as at CIX.  It might be useful to compare lists
> of who's at CIX and at MAE-W and PB-NAP and see who's CIX-only, but I 
> doubt CRL would be on that list.  I could be wrong, though...
> -george william herbert
> [email protected]
> Most Assuredly Not speaking for CRL

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