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Re: Worldly Thoughts - Regionalizing Peering

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Sat May 11 23:52:56 1996

On Sat, 11 May 1996, Alan Hannan wrote:

>   I run  I have a POP in every city w/ over 10,000
>   people.

>   Benefit:  I gain low latency transit to most everyone.
>   Drawback:  It is technically challenging to create an automate
>   system to regionalize and create appropriate filter lists.

>   Perhaps this is a problem that's only challenging to the smaller
>   folks, those of us w/out the nationwide DS3|OC3 networks.
>   However, I do feel it's a worthy problem, and one that would
>   benefit the NANOG community were it intelligently solved.

Here's another scenario. I run Web o' Wonder, the most popular web site on
the net but magazine writers are complaining it is slow and unreliable. I
hire a net guru who tells me the problem is I am too big for one site.
She says I should install WWW servers at several geographically diverse
locations, preferably at or near NXP's. She explains that the servers
at my main site (all CNAMEs for will no longer serve
documents but will determine the topological closest site to the client
based on route server info and issue redirects to seamlessly and speedily
serve the client documents from the site closest to them in the topology.

Seems to me that this scenario would also benefit from a tool and database
that could determine topological "closeness" even if it doesn't need to
generate filter lists.

If this scenario were easier to implement it could reduce the load of the
major exchange points by encouraging traffic to stay closer to the network

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