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Re: Metcalfe strikes again!

  • From: David J. Sharp
  • Date: Tue May 07 15:59:23 1996

On Mon, 6 May 1996, Christian Nielsen wrote:

> 	We feel this is a 'Good' thing. For example, there are two companies
> with DS3's in Utah. One goes up and down the other stays up all the time. Which
> one do you think we go with? Also, there are many companies that think they can
> be a 'high speed/T1/T3/OC48' provider and not know what they are doing. The
> week will get weeded out. And the ones who know what they are doing will stay
> around.

	Your point seems logicaly valid, but the example you use only serves
to prove points other than what you intended.  The 'up and down' you speak of
had nothing to do with anything inside of Utah or with Mom-n-Pop ISP.  They
all occured within a major NSP.  (name witheld to avoid finger pointing) The
problems also had nothing to do with technical incompetence on the part of
the NSP or ISP.  Here is a list from recent memory: 

  1. Hssi card dies
  2. Route processor dies.
  3. weird BGP route propigation bug in cisco IOS
  4. 7513 dies (exact reason unspecified)
  5. Farmer in california plows up fiber.

	-- this says three things to me --

i.   s**t happens.

ii.  Even a very large NSP with a competent staff, good equipment, and lots
of experience with >= T3 connections, CAN and DO have problems.  Hence the
current thread on the need for standard email addresses.

iii. Mabey Bob Metcalfe is partaliy right, (not on the Chicken Little -- sky
is falling stuff,) but on the need to educate the masses who are swarming to
their nearest Internet POP.  The Internet is still not the place for mission
critical (I hate that word) applications.  If your business depends on 100%
availablity, then you are in the wrong business. 

     Could it be that the Internet is going through a growth process similar
to what the telephone industry went through.  Although I am not old enough to
remember, I have heard there was a time when it was quite unreliable.  Why
does the present US phone system work as well as it does?  Was it federal
mandates on quality of service?  Was it the MaBell monopoly? 

  I fear that senator Hatch from Utah is going to get up one morning and not
be able to surf, and conjure up a bill saying that the Internet shall lose no
more than one web page in 1 million end to end by 1998. ;)

  - djs 

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