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Re: Peering Policies and Route Servers

  • From: Andrew Partan
  • Date: Thu May 02 00:58:34 1996

> The RA has implemented requirements that providers have when a 
> provider communicates what is needed.  I can't find any messages
> from Sean indicating what he would like to express but can't. 
> The RA team is always willing to work with providers to meet
> their needs.

There is one thing that the RS can't do.

If A & B are doing 3rd party peering via the RS, the fact that the
A/RS peering is up & working and that the B/RS peering is up &
working unfortunately does not tell you if A & B can exchange

If A & B are peering directly, then the fact that the peering is
up also tells you that they can exchange packets.

Luckily this sort of breakage does not happen very often.
Unluckily, if it does break, if can be really hard to diagnose.
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